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This group gives readers a chance to share home building project pictures, news, and advice. Have you built your own home? Have you renovated a fixer-upper? Built a porch? Built an outbuilding? Designed an addition. This is the place to showcase your efforts!

Proposal for Remodeling

Posted By Larila on Feb 13, 2011 at 6:53PM

Alright, it seems there are not many who are interrested in sharring their home improvements. When it comes to home improvements, I am interrested in the first step: How much of the house will you change, how far to drag the change, what will need to be removed, what will need to be replace with new, how extensive of a change will it be, how much of a "buffer" range do you want on the pricing for the unexpected disasters... well I think you get the idea.

I grew up watching my father doing roofing, construction, electrical wiring, water lines, and all that good stuff related to ground up house building. It seems I have picked up a large interrest in what my fathers past job(s) use to be, I can not help thinking(at ervery free moment) about what I want to do to my home. I know that most likely I will have come up with a failure for an idea, but bad ideas only lead to the best ideas. I am restricted from posting pictures on the internet(my husband), but I hope I can interrest some of you in something like a idea burning.


My house has 2 rooms, living/dining room, 1 bath, and a study on the top floor. Downstairs there is a small appartment like room.. a rectangle room with  bathroom, kitchen counter, and a laundry room in the back room that provides for a refridgerator and stove. Past that room going through a door deeper under the house is the basement, a narrow area that is blocked off by the dirt that the old owner had dug out to make that room and the walls to the rooms behind it.This is an old house build by a man that owned a concrete company, so basically we got a lot of concrete and stone in the foundation of the house.


I am thinking I would like to turn this post into a discussion where I can talk about the problem in the house, and I can read others ideas/suggestions others may have. I can discuss along with you, combining different ideas I read and my own ideas I just had come up with and things that I was sitting on for alteration. Truthfully, my main thought was to help peoples creative thoughts get going and they could even find somethign to help them out.


I was just a little sad about the lack of activity, but I am hoping I will get replies. I can include more detail later, depending on if you guy's are up to it. So, please let me know what you think about my proposal for a discussion/idea toss.

Basement space can be living space!

Posted By sgdish on Nov 14, 2007 at 5:10AM

Check out the transformation of basement space into living space.Basement paneling got a fresh coat of creamy white paint to brighten it up!Basement paneling got a fresh coat of creamy white paint to brighten it up!Another angle from the living room.Another angle from the living room.The other side of the living area.  It's quite large for an apartment!The other side of the living area. It's quite large for an apartment!The dining room.The dining room.Bedroom area turned out very cozy.Bedroom area turned out very cozy.

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Construction Photos From Ian's House

Posted By Home on Nov 7, 2007 at 1:25PM

Hi Everyone! I posted about Ian's house in Casa, but didn't get the chance to post photos of construction. Here are some "before" shots.